About Us

Agency For African Families in Distress (AAFID)

The Agency For African Families in Distress (AAFID)

Is a non-profit, humanitarian, voluntary-development, gender-sensitive, non-governmental organisation. It is dedicated to the mobilization of communities, national, regional and international cooperation to bridge the gaps in knowledge, policies and institutional capacities to transform and empower communities and institutions to mainstream the psychological dimension as a priority agenda in social and criminal justice, education, health, women, children and youth development, using a Dimensional Psychological Intervention Model (3-DPIS) Model, in order to break the cycle of violence and accelerate public safety, security and development in the society.

Members of AAFID include psychologists, social workers, education experts, counsellors, researchers, administrators, philanthropists, advocates, journalists, and others, who are committed to the promotion of mental health, public safety, sustainable peace, security and development in every community and nation across the globe.