We Are The Agency For African Families in Distress (AAFID)

A non –profit, humanitarian, voluntary-development, gender-sensitive, non-governmental organisation. It employs a 3-Dimensional psychological intervention strategy (3-DPIS) Initiative for transformational change, healing and empowerment of institutions and communities in Africa for the arrest of the security, development and mental health crises in Nigeria and the entire African region. AAFID also undertakes a Global Campaign, “the Women Go on!” Campaign, in order to sensitise and mobilise women in Nigeria, the entire Africa region and world-wide on their roles, potentials and relevance in the repositioning, healing and ….

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About 3-DPIS Model

The 3-DPIS Model was, first, presented at a Stakeholders Forum on the theme, “Security and Development Strategy for Africa” in December 2003. The Forum was organized by the Agency for African Families in Distress (AAFID) and the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs, Nigeria in December, 2003, during the Commonwealth Heads of Governments Meeting (CHOGM), for pro-social engagement to bridge critical gaps in knowledge, policies and institutional capacities of African nations.

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